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Choosing Your Makeup Brushes

As a makeup artist, your brushes are one of the most important tools in your kit. Without high quality brushes, makeup can apply patchy and products will be harder to blend. Investing in a set of professional brushes is essential for any working makeup artist. Brushes can be very expensive, but you don't always have to spend lots of money to get high quality tools. I will list below a few of my must have brushes and brush sets from various brands. I have listed them in order or price, starting with the most affordable.

Natural Hair vs Synthetic : Which Is Best?

Makeup brushes are made with either synthetic fibres, natural hair (animal), or a blend of both. Knowing what each type of brush does and what products to use them with is essential. Typically, brushes that have white or light cream hair are made with animal hair. This can either be made with sable, mink, goat, pony, or badger hair. Brushes that have black or multi-coloured hairs are usually made with synthetic fibres, such as nylon or plastic. The materials the brush hair is made up of can vary between brands, and if you are looking for vegan brushes always make sure to read the description to ensure you know exactly what they are made from.

Synthetic Fibres

Personally, I find synthetic brushes work best with cream or liquid products. Synthetic brushes are nonporous, meaning they won't absorb products you use them with. This is because the bristles are made from plastic fibres, which evenly apply liquids and creams to the skin. A brush made with synthetic fibres will also be much easier to clean. The synthetic fibres allow you to easily remove product with soap or brush cleaner, even when using waterproof formulas.

Natural Hair

Natural hair brushes are ideal for applying powder products, They can be used with creams, but are often much more difficult to clean as the natural hairs will absorb the products you use them with. Natural hair brushes are made with real animal hair, and just like your own hair they can soak up liquids. You can use natural hair brushes with creams and liquids, but they will be much harder to clean. As natural hair brushes are made from animal hair, make sure to buy from reputable brands which are cruelty free.

To learn how to properly sanitise, wash, and care for your brushes, click here.


Peaches & Cream

Peaches brushes are some of the most affordable brushes on the market. The quality is great, and if looked after properly they can last a few years. I would highly recommend purchasing a set or one of their value bundles. Peaches do great sales and always have discounts and offers running on their products and brushes. All of their brushes are synthetic and cruelty free.

52 Piece Brush Set - £175.00 (worth £285)

This set has every type of brush you could possibly ever need! I really love the face brushes from Peaches as they are made with synthetic hair and clean very well. The eye brushes are great as there is such a large selection to choose from with unique styles that make applying eye products quick and easy.

Recommended Brushes:

Zoeva Cosmetics

Zoeva is one brand I can always rely on for high quality, professional brushes. I recommend these brushes to everyone! I have purchased multiple sets of Zoeva brushes over the years and they are one of my favourite brands, If taken care of properly, they can last you for years. I would highly recommend investing in one of their brush sets, as they are great value for money. I do also like to purchase their individual brushes as I like to keep multiples of my most used brushes in my kit. I have never had a Zoeva brush break or fall apart, and some of the brushes I have from them are 8+ years old. They are fairly affordable and definitely a great investment for your kit. Zoeva brushes are made from a combination of synthetic materials and animal hair and are cruelty free.

This brush set is the only one you will ever need. It has the full range of Zoeva brushes and also comes with a smart black carrying case.

(LFTFALEXN for 20% discount)

This set is slightly smaller than the previous one, but still has all of the brushes you'd need. The only brushes I wish this kit included is a lip brush and flat concealer brush, but these can always be purchased separately

(LFTFALEXN for 20% discount)

This eye set is perfect for creating detailed eye looks and has every style of brush you'd need. It also comes with a sleek black bag to store the brushes in.

Recommended Brushes:

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My Kit Co

My Kit Co brushes are by far the best quality brushes I own. They are so well made and the bristles are super soft and perfect for blending. These brushes were designed by a makeup artist and they have some really unique brush shapes which I've not seen anywhere else before. I am slowly building up my collection of My Kit Co brushes and absolutely love each one I try,

(LFTFALEXN for 20% discount)

This brush set has all of the basics for eyes, lips and face. This set includes one of my all time favourite bronzing brushes, the "My Defining Contour' brush.

Recommended Brushes:

.(LFTFALEXN for 20% discount)



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