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Top 5 Affordable Foundations

I have tried and tested lots of foundations over the years and have found some really great affordable options. All of the foundations listed below are under £15 and my LookFantastic code "LFTFALEXN" saves you a further 20% off. Most of these foundations are better suited for normal to oily skin types or those who prefer a matte finish, but I have listed my two favourite affordable foundations with a glowy finish.

A perfect option if you have dry skin or prefer a glowy finish - this foundation has medium buildable coverage and is one of my favourite foundations of all time. The formula is on the thicker side, however it is very creamy and easy to blend into the skin. This is very similar to Nars Sheer Glow foundation and is half the price. Be mindful that it does oxidise a fair amount once on the face, so choose a lighter shade. This foundation applies well with a brush or a sponge. Suitable for normal to dry skin types as well as combination. (Wouldn't recommend for oily skin)

Recommended Shades: Porcelain, Light and Warm Beige.

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This foundation is a great affordable option if you like a dewy finish with a natural coverage. The coverage is medium but can be built up to a medium/full coverage if needed. The formula is quite thin and feels light on the face. Also similar to Nars Sheer Glow, this foundation works best when applied with a brush. Suitable for dry, normal and combination skin types. Oily skin types can wear this foundation, but it needs to be set with a powder as it is very glowy.

Recommended Shades: Porcelain, Light and Warm Beige.

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Full coverage, matte finish and super long lasting - this foundation is ideal for people who wear makeup for long hours and need it to last. The formula is waterproof and it stays perfect all day. Best applied with a brush, this foundation is suitable for normal, combination and oily skin types.

Recommended Shades: Alabaster, Nude, Caramel and Honey.

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Perfect for almost all skin types (apart from extremely dry skin), this foundation is full coverage and has a very thin, lightweight formula. Best applied with a brush, it has a soft matte finish and is long lasting. The applicator is like a giant concealer wand which makes it super quick to apply. This feels like you are wearing nothing on your face, despite it being a full coverage foundation.

Recommended Shades: F1, F8.5, and F10.

(LFTFALEXN for 20% discount)

A great option for all skin types, this foundation is one of the longest wearing formulas I have ever tried. It is water resistant, sweat resistant and transfer-proof. It wears for 30+ hours on the skin and is ideal for those who wear makeup all day. The formula is thin and lightweight, but still provides a high coverage. This foundation is perfect for nights out as it photographs beautifully and leaves a soft focus finish. Best applied with a brush or a sponge.

Recommended Shades: Classic Nude, Warm Nude, Sun Beige and Caramel.



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