Personal Lessons are for those who would like to improve their own makeup skills. Whether you are a complete beginner or are just looking to learn some new tips and tricks, a personal makeup lesson is a great way to improve your confidence in self-application. All of my lessons are tailored to each individual clients level of skill, and will cover each and every step of the process in detail. Each lesson comes with a complete step by step product list, with recommendations of products and brushes used during your lesson. I share all my tips and tricks with you, and will help you master your chosen makeup look. The lessons I offer can be used to learn everything from a stripped back, natural makeup look all the way through to a detailed glam look.

All lessons take place in the studio and are available to book on Thursday & Friday only.



The Personal Makeup Lesson (1.5 Hours) is perfect for someone looking to learn the basics of self-application and improve their overall confidence in applying makeup. Whether you want to improve your existing skills or learn everything from scratch, this lesson will teach you the techniques necessary to achieve a flawless, professional looking makeup application. This lesson covers one complete makeup look; including how to choose the right foundation for your skin type, how to subtly contour & highlight for your face shape, how to create the perfect blended eyeshadow look, and how to apply liner & lashes. All products and brushes will be provided as well as a list of recommended products suited to your individual skin type.

1.5 HOURS - £100


The Glam Lesson (2 Hours) is ideal for someone wanting to learn how to create the perfect 'Instagram' makeup look. I take you through all the steps of creating a polished, professional look and show you all of my tips and tricks. This lesson is suitable for clients who prefer more of a heavy glam makeup look, and can be used to learn a cut crease or an intense smoky eye. This lesson covers one complete makeup look; including all steps listed in the Personal Makeup Lesson as well as how to create a striking contour & highlight, how to create a detailed eye look and blend multiple eyeshadow colors seamlessly, as well as how to create a flawless full coverage base. All products and brushes will be provided as well as list of recommended products.

2 HOURS - £150